Introducing Auto Captions

Automatically Generate Captions and Subtitles for Your Videos

How Does it Work?

While you read your teleprompter, Auto Captions works in the background recording exactly when you scrolled past each section of your script. Then when you're finished, it intelligently splits your script into individual captions with the correct timings, and packages them into a widely compatible .srt captions file.

No need to transcribe your video
No voice recognition
No expensive outsourcing

What is an .srt File?

SubRip files are the industry-standard for subtitles and closed captions. An .srt file includes detailed timing information for each caption or subtitle, ensuring they'll be displayed at exactly the right moment in your video. All major video platforms and video editing programs accept .srt files for subtitles and captions.

Add Subtitles Directly Onto Your Videos

If you're using Video Teleprompter, you'll have the option to add your subtitles directly onto your recorded video, with options for font, size and colour.

Versatile Options & Settings

Every video project is different. Whether your videos are for YouTube or TV broadcast, Auto Captions has what you need.

Linger Time
The maximum amount of time that one single caption can appear on screen.

Timing Adjustment
Add extra time before the first caption begins.

Start Captions at 00:00
Adjust all caption timings so the first caption begins at 00:00.

Words per Caption
Adjust how many words of your script are considered to be one caption.

Availability & Pricing

Auto Captions is available in the following apps:

Teleprompter Premium

Video Teleprompter 3

(Remember to install the latest updates from the App Store)

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Use Auto Captions in all of our teleprompter apps
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